As new items arrive;Once in a hour;Do not display notifications Ask me what to do;Close program;Minimize program to tray No limit;1 day;2 days;3 days;4 days;5 days %d articles %d day %d days %d hour %d hours %d minute %d minutes %d unread About Access time : %7.4f Add condition Add feed Add new condition group Add smartfeed Adding new item Address : Advanced All news Apply skin Author Available tags Back Behaviour Body Browse Cancel Change proxy password Check for new version Classic Click to add condition. Close Close application Closing ...please wait Collapse all groups Combine selected smartfeeds Condition group must have at least one condition. Confirm Connect to Creator Date Default archive size Default Delete Delete feed Display notifications Display unseen notifications Do you really want to change feed link? Do you really want to delete selected feed? Do you really want to delete selected feeds? Do you want to delete selected articles? Download "%s" Download enclosures Download media files if they are appearing in this smartfeed Downloaded Downloading enclosure(s) Downloading Edit article tags Edit feed Edit smartfeed Edit Email address: Email article Email settings Enclosure Enclosures download directory Error adding feed Exit Expand all groups Feed Feed name Feedreader Feedreader properties Feeds Fetching records File Filter incorrectly defined. Please remove empty conditions if necessary. Finish Flag Flagged Folder Folder name Following feeds were discovered: Found %d articles. Full General Get settings from Internet Explorer Group by date Group by source Group by tag Help Hide read articles Hold down Shift key and click to add condition group Homepage Import feeds and folders from previous Feedreader Import OPML Import OPML feeds Last update Limiting output to %d articles. Manage feeds Mark as read Mark as unread Mark this feed read Mark this folder read Mark this smartfeed read Match all of the following rules Match any of the following rules Minimize or Close application? Minimize to tray New New feed New folder New smartfeed Next Next update No No grouping No related articles found No related items found Not downloaded Notifications Ok Only delete reference to a feed, leave the feed in database for use in other smartfeeds OPML import ended OPML import started OPML or file Options Password: Play sounds Please change initial properties Please configure mail sending options first Please select feeds you'd like to import Please select language Port : Port: Preload feeds Preview Processing %d items Proxy Read Related to %s Remember my decision Rename Run program automatically on Windows startup Run program on startup Save Search for "%s" Search from title Search from title and body Search See all items containing "%s" See all items from "%s" See all items tagged as "%s" See all related items Select a folder Select all Select none Selected tags Send Sender name: Show notification on new items Show only articles newer than: Smart feed name Smartfeed Smartfeed must have at least one condition. Smartfeed properties SMTP server: Source Specify smartfeed properties here Start minimized to tray Startup Status Subject: Tag The server %s requires a username and password There are %d downloads active. If you close application, downloads will be cancelled. Do you still want to close application? This could make feed updates impossible. This dialog box will close in %d seconds Title To: Tools Unlimited Update completed Update feed Updated %s Use proxy server User guide User name: Username : Welcome to FeedReader Welcome! When I click on Close button in application window When I click on weblink Wide View View layout Visible columns Yes You clicked on close button. What do you want to do? You have already subscribed to this feed and it exists in database contains does not contain is is not begins with ends with is one of following is not any of following is higher than is lower than Unread Open link in default browser Open link in internal browser A new version of the %s is available. Would you like to download it ? Today Yesterday This week Last week Two weeks ago Three weeks ago Four weeks ago Older %d new message %d new messages Username Password Update period Archive size Show window Do you really want to delete selected items? Unread news Export OPML OPML export successful Open "%s" Articles from %s Starred Language Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with: If not set in feed then allow feeds to show notifications by default;do not allow feeds to show notifications by default Update all feeds Manual update Act as default feed reader Sort feeds Alphabetically Unread items Manually Hide read feeds Connection Enable javascript Application properties Enable right to left reading support Add additional performance (requires program restart) Leave folders open Show unreadcount More Next unread Right to left reading Advance to next unread message in "%s"? Mark all news read Open article link automatically Open article in new window Keep application in front when opening links in browser Subscribe Back to feed Open in browser Pause notifications Article age is older than is newer than Copy article link Copy article content Go to homepage Do you really want to mark all news read? Use multiple connections for updating the feeds (requires fast computer) Refresh unread articles count Show window for %d seconds Mark news item as read when selected Hide Refreshing unread articles count Channel "%s" contains enclosures. Do you want to download them automatically? All Audio Video Images Other Enclosure Browser Locate on disk Properties File size Use fade in and fade out Make sure that you have working internet connection and/or proxies are configured correctly. Error while importing channel package listing. You have selected some channels for subscriptions. Do you want to subscribe those channels before navigating to new channel package? Database information Inactive channels Problematic channels Global statistics Channels in database News in database Enclosures size Database size Starred news Database location Show pictures Never hide Starred news Show Favorite Icons in feeds Database cleanup Clean up articles older than: Clean up Newsbar properties Number of articles to show Show only articles that are newer than Show article for Newsbar position Clean up database Synchronization preferences Server type Address Server Use proxy Port Type Use secure connection ... Synchronize changes newer than Synchronization Synchronize! Subscribe to Feedreader News Subscribe to Development Blog Preferences FTP Server Local file Show in Newsbar Move article to archive folder My archive Application got error "%s" while trying to download synchronization data. Do you still want to upload synchronization data from this computer? Updated %d records while doing synchronization FTP over HTTP proxy No limit Opening "%s" can be dangerous. Do you really want to open it? Top Bottom Waiting for news... %d seconds Cleaned up database. Deleted %d articles. Enable grouping of similar articles Ratings Ratings engine is constantly monitoring your reading behaviour and will suggest articles that could be interesting to you. Relevance calculation is based on articles that you have either archived or marked as "Starred". Word blacklist Please input words that should not count then calculating relevance of artiles. Please use commas between words. Enable ratings (requires program restart) Delete all articles in this group Use passive mode Disable automatic subscription of feeds subscribed in IE7 Minimize to taskbar instead of tray Show notification with added importance Open Generate playlist from selected files link contains Use alternate row coloring Skip application updates checking Do not group feeds for display Save selected articles as HTML documents Download articles newer than Download articles and switch to offline mode No download, just switch to offline mode Download only unread articles Leave feed updates running Select search services to be used in this search Search keyword Edit search feed Edit article Download selected articles for offline reading Search feed Offline Work offline Delete offline articles Proxy enabled New search feed Add search feed Search name You subscribed to a feed "%s" in Internet Explorer. Do you also want to subscribe it here, too? New archive My archive Higher High Normal Low Lower Add article Do you want to delete all articles that have been downloaded for offline viewing? Full screen Archive Add new article Test Internet Connection Update priority Downloading articles for offline reading URL Tags Content Channel Link Search from last 30 days Search from all articles 欧洲亚洲中日韩在线观看_欧美牲交a欧美牲交aⅴ视频_欧美牲交aⅴ俄罗斯