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  • johnthespaceman wrote: I wonder if there is something up with my config file. This is the error log: [Fri Mar 06 00:04:43 2015] [warn] RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) `www.curvesandcorsets.com' does NOT match server name!? [Fri Mar 06 00:12:...

  • php_errors files (HELP)
    via forums.cartweaver

    I'm getting a massive amount of logs in the php_error file? can anyone help me identify and stop them from?happening?? I'm still not getting any?purchase order histroy and getting e-mails like Time: Sun 07 Oct 2012 22:16:30 EDT Error Page: /product...

  • If I go to index.php it opens but does not for other pages it shows Server Erro Here is my Error Log [07-Mar-2016 13:47:06 Europe/Minsk] PHP Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol refused (client option...

  • Hi I am suddenly getting a ton of connection errors. Here are 4 from my error logs on two separate severs. [Fri Mar 28 18:16:51 2014] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'couldn't connect to...

  • I noticed many out of memory errors files on my log directory: ----- This was produced when I tried to regenerate sitelinks: [31-Jan-2017 15:30:28xxxx/xxxxxx] Request URI: /myshop/index.php?main_page=sitemapxml&rebuild=yes&ping=yes&, IP...

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